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Welcome to Good Glass Humboldt!

With over 20 years of glass blowing experience, Good Glass Humboldt creates glass art with passion and excitement. Well known for making intricate marbles, beautiful pendants, and other glass art, GGH designs are unique and eye-catching. 

"The glass tells me what to make. When I show up at the shop in the morning I do not usually have a specific plan in mind. I start the kiln, exhaust, and torch, then I listen to the flow of the flame and pick up color, rod, and tubing and let the glass tell me what to do. It knows what it wants to be and I just listen.

"Northern California scenery is my greatest influence… trees, ocean, nature, people. Family, friends, and music are also great influencers of my art. I am diverse in my techniques and my finished products. I am open – willing to try new things."

In late 2020, Donald started Armada Glass Company located in Armada, Michigan. Donald provides beginner and advanced glass blowing and lamp working lessons.. The shop is also a fun night out for groups. Armada Glass Company also has a mobile glass studio for traveling to events and festivals to melt glass and do demonstrations.

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